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So disney sequels haven’t been getting the love they truly need, so I decided to piece up this Disney sequel challenge! Feel free to tag me in some of your answers, I’ll love to see them. :)

*Examples of sequels include The Little Mermaid II & Mulan II. Use google if you aren’t sure! Have fun disnerds!

Day 1 : Favourite sequel

Day 2: Favourite ending from a sequel

Day 3 : Favourite song/soundtrack from a sequel

Day 4 : Favourite storyline from a sequel

Day 5 : Favourite couple from a sequel

Day 6 : Favourite sidekick from a sequel

Day 7 : Least favourite sequel

Day 8 : Favourite villain from a sequel

Day 9 : Most underrated sequel

Day 10 : Saddest/most touching scene from a sequel

Day 11 : Worst couple pairing in a sequel

Day 12 : Best character chemistry in a sequel

Day 13 : Best dialogue/script from a sequel

Day 14 : Best animation from a sequel

Day 15 : Funniest scene from a sequel

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01. Waiting for the Lights
02. Kingdom Celebration
03. Kingdom Dance
04. Mulan Suite
05. Paperman Suite